Home Based Online Job Without Investment (100% Free to Join) with QlinkGroup (Typers Wanted)


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Registration Steps
  • Good at Typing? You are in a right place to earn from your skill....
  • Qlink Group provides online jobs on a CAPTCHA Typing project.                 
  • The Registration is Absolutely Free! No Hidden Fees!
  • The Users interested to earn online may fill out the Registration form below.
  • The Registration Details provided above are verified by Qlink Group Supervisor within 24Hrs.
  • Then finally a mail consisting of the Qlink Account Username,Password and other job details are sent to the respective client's Email.
  • After the Account Confirmation Email you can login @ http://www.qlinkgroup.com/ with the provided username and password in Email and Start Earning.
  • After the confirmation of QlinkGroup Account Download the Valid Qlink Group Client Software from qlink page,by clicking on the Download Now button as soon as the page loads and check for the installation details in the same page or just click here.
  • After completing the above steps log into you account @ Qlink and read the instructions for solving CAPTCHA'S.
For any Queries let me know through comments!


  1. what type of job it is...?? plz explain me...

  2. It is completely an online job to decode CAPTCHAs shown in windows based software client provided by QlinkGroup.com.....Just Try & Know it!

  3. Hi,
    Thanks a lot for username & pwd. But i want to know how much is the rate like per 1000/10000 captcha captured correctly and what is the payment mode? Waiting for your reply.

    1. @ Ratankumar Singh:
      The pay rate changes every hour(Less during day shift and high during night shift) and the price is for every 1000 Captcha typed correctly and the payment mode details to setup a valid payment account will be sent to your mail as soon as you reach the minimum payment threshold of 10$ and during the payment week you should have solved atleast 800Captchas.Share the article to reach as many users online....For any further queries let me know about it....

    2. Dear Sir/Madam,
      Thankston for your kind reply and awaiting your registration process.activation and details. With respectful regards.

  4. Dear Sir/Madam,
    Thank so much for your kind information and reply and am waiting for your registration process and activation,details,etc.

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