How to earn online through MEGATYPERS (Trusty Online Job) (

MEGATYPERS(Legit online job)
(A Good way to make Money online)

How to earn online through MEGATYPERS (Trusty Online Job) (
Really Good at typing?

Don't let your typing skill to be idle! Try to Earn from it with your skill as the only investment.

Heard of MEGATYPERS before?

MegaTypers is Online Captcha Typing Project, held by Your job is to type CAPTCHA provided by

First of all let me explain what is CAPTCHA and why do we use it???

Captcha is a program that can generate and grade tests that only humans can pass but current computer programs cannot. This test is used in computing as an attempt to ensure that the response is generated by a person and it's an acronym for Completely Automated Public Turing-test to tell Computers and Humans Apart.ou

You would have come across it while creating an account online in Facebook or Gmail or any other Service Providers.They are automatically created by using an algorithm by computer systems.But when you solve it online they need to be decoded to ensure that the CAPTCHA that the user type(during his/her online activity) is correct. generates tons and tons of Captcha's every day and they need us to decode it like this

How to earn online through MEGATYPERS (Trusty Online Job) (

They provide these decoded CAPTCHA to their Clients which is generated during our online activities as below(Last Row).
How to earn online through MEGATYPERS (Trusty Online Job) (
Source: is fantastic for:
A second job.
People in between jobs.
                        How much people earn depends on how much they work. Best workers can earn from $200 to $300 every month! Their Rates start from $0.50 for each 1000 words typed and can go as high as up to $1.5 for each 1000 words typed. The Payment will be made through DebitCards, BankChecks, Paypal,Webmoney,LibertyReserve and WesternUnion.

Don't Wait,Go on..Register with Megatypers to Earn...Find the Registration Details Below:
The Registration procedures are simple as shown above(Reg Form) But to prevent users from simply signing up to their program without any knowledge of what the users are going to do by signing up.So they make it mandatory that users need to enter an INVITATION CODE while registering.Click on: Register Now or click here
How to earn online through MEGATYPERS (Trusty Online Job) ( 

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